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The UX of Wine Dec 20th, 2012

I am honored to have been involved in the UXmas project.  I have talked to several people over the last year or so about my interest in writing an article about the experience of wine and after quite some time I have been able to complete that article.  Given the currently light of things the article meanders in a different direction than I originally thought it would but there are some good lessons here that everyone can learn from.  With that said, go ahead and read the article: The User Experience of Wine.

Big Picture UX Nov 18th, 2012

Slides from my talk at MobX 2012 in Berlin, Germany. While the unicorn humor didn’t take as much as I would have liked, I think the message was clear: As UX professionals the boundaries of our work does not end at the edge of the screen.  Here is the talk description:

As the field of UX professionals matures and the disciplines of interaction design, information architecture, user research, user interface design, and usability evolve to support modern technology we need to start looking at the big picture of UX. We need to go back to the roots of what UX means and how we should approach UX challenges.

Jesse James Garrett on UX Nov 7th, 2012

This is probably the best interview I have seen on user experience design in quite some time, and it is no wonder that the subject of the interview is Jesse James Garrett with thanks to Brian Solis. JJG hits on the topics of not just user experience, but also social media, product strategy, the cross-channel experience, innovation versus novelty, and more.  I love when people like JJG are out there talking about how UX has evolved beyond just UI design and on to bigger and broader concepts like cross-channel experience design.  JJG, being one of the original forces that drove UX into the limelight, still continues to drive UX forward today.  This is a must watch.

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