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Blue Sky Thinking Aug 6th, 2013

Tho I don’t condone unsolicited redesigns of popular sites, mostly because there is no context of the business needs and technical restrictions. Basically, anyone can design something amazing in a wide open sandbox. We call it blue sky thinking that can’t return to terra-forma.  That said, there are some impressive components found in Fred Nerby’s latest conceptual exploration of Twitter

One of my challenges to Fred is the technical feasibility of some of these designs and interactions given the current platforms that Twitter operates on (namely desktop web, mobile web, native mobile, and tablet). Some of these patterns will not translate well on these other platforms, some of them couldn’t conform to the design guidelines and technical requirements of these platforms.  It’s good to do some blue sky thinking every once in a while, but it needs to be grounded on the premise of design requirements and what can be implementable… otherwise it’s just art for art’s sake.

Foldable screens Jun 28th, 2013

devices with OLED technology

OLED technology is essentially a technology that enables you to bend the screen, wrap it around the device itself (instead of just one one side), or even fold it up and put it in your pocket.

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Leap Motion - Gesture based interaction Jun 15th, 2013

Leap Motion is an interesting take on an alternative input device.  It essentially enables gesture based interaction with your computer.  While I think there are a few more ergonomic issues to work out (ever play XBox Kinect for hours on end?) I think its a nice reminder that we are still exploring other ways to interface with devices of all types.  The mouse and keyboard may never die anytime soon, but we’ll have additional ways to interact with devices as this kind of technology advances. (via Timothy Whalin)

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