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An invitation Jun 14th, 2013

UX Workshop

We, as UX designers, believe in the value of proper empirical research that is driven by first-hand observation. We believe in the notion that everything we dream up and sketch is technically viable. We want to work with teams that have conviction in what they design and admit when they make mistakes. We believe in approaching our work with not just passion, but rigor and intent. We believe in designing things that improve the lives of the people who use them. We believe that when we are at our very best, we can make the world a better place. This is exactly what we strive for in every project we do at projekt202. Want to work with us? We’re hiring.

Intention Jun 13th, 2013

Some folks may have seen this video by now.  It more elegantly articulates the message I was telling my colleagues the other day. The conversation was sparked because we were seeing a lot of UX designers posting their responses to Apple’s new iOS7 design… the catch is, these design critics had never even used the platform first-hand before dispensing their commentary. These judgements were based on a series of static images or a polished video at best.  These kinds of public critiques are simply unfounded and quite frankly the very essence of mediocre armchair design.

Adobe Mighty & Napoleon - The convergence of software and hardware May 8th, 2013

Adobe explores how software and hardware on converging and how the user experience is shared across both.  Here they show off Adobe’s Mighty, a connected pen that works across devices, and Adobe Napoleon, a digital ruler and drawing compass. 

Notice how easy it is to move things not from simply one screen to another, but from one device to another.  My prediction is that we will see a world of connected devices that are self-aware of their proximity to other devices and the direction of their orientation relative to those other devices so you can simply move apps, images, movies, or any kind of information across the devices just like you can with a secondary screen. 

All that said, watch this movie, it will blow your mind. (via Christian Heilmann)

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