The Magazine of the Future?

The Magazine of the Future?
Dec 17th, 2009

After publishing Digital Web Magazine for 10 years (seeing its birth and closing its doors) I often wondered what the fate of magazines would ultimately be, espeically given the access we have to digital information today.  The folks at Bonnier R&D and BERG have created a prototype of what the magazine of the future might look like.  They focused on usage with a digital portable touch screen display which is generally the direction we see most media and content gravitating towards (ebook readers, iphones, tablet systems, etc).  The video is well done and clearly a lot of thought was put into creating the prototype you see here.  (via Steve Portigal)

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Nick Finck is a user experience professional who has dabbled in the web for over a decade. He specializes in information architecture, interaction design, usability and user research. Read more

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