The man behind the UX scene, Jonathan Knoll

The man behind the UX scene, Jonathan Knoll
Mar 8th, 2010

While the rest of us sat here and tossed popcorn into our mouths as we watched the Oscars, I couldn’t help but think about all those on the tech side of things that often don’t get air time, because, lets face it celebrity gets eyeballs.  To those tech people, this is perfectly fine, most are ok without having to give an acceptance speech live over the air.  Well, in the web industry we have the same kind of individuals but this time, I am calling someone out to the stage from behind the scenes.

Chances are you have graced the pages of websites this particular individual has coded.  He has developed the backend systems and the front end code of more sites that I can possibly count.  Yep, if you are a user experience professional its hard to avoid his work.  If you went to IDEA in 2009, you witnessed his work.  If you are going to IDEA this year you will see it again.  If you went to Interaction 10, you have used the systems he created.  If you are going to the IA Summit in Phoenix this year you will have used the website he built.  When S3xD is all squared away you will see his work again. 

If you have gone to a UX Book Club or an IXDA event in New York City, you have experienced his efforts and assistance.  He is also on the advisory board for the Information Architecture Institute (IAI) for their efforts on a ongoing basis.  If you have seen twitter feeds on Whitney Hess’s, Brad Nunnally’s, and Leisa Reichert’s website, you have seen his work. He is even involved in the popular community site, Johnny Holland on their #uxtips campaign.  He also plans to help IDXA in the future on their website.  All of this volunteer work and that was just what he did in the last thirteen months. Imagine what he could do given a few years.

I never saw the point of being online unless you connected with people and tried to make things better.

Jonathan S. Knoll

I am, of course, speaking of none other than Jonathan S. Knoll... otherwise affectionately known as Yoni.  Yoni, your dedication to our industry of user experience professionals goes unmatched.  You have an open heart to this community and open mind to new ideas.  You are passionate about everything you do.  Your work is exactly what we as the community need when we need it.  You personify the doers in our industry and I think we all can learn something by seeing your efforts here.  You are humble, honest, and brilliant.  Most of all, and perhaps the most important quality you have is that you get the job done no matter what.  So today, Yoni, I would like to publicly thank you for all your hard work.  The world needs more people like Yoni.

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