The unboxing experience for devices

The unboxing experience for devices
Oct 26th, 2012

Here is an interesting concept of product packaging and instructional design for a mobile device, in this case, Samsung.  I really like that the manuals are not just throw-away artifacts but actually product guides that pair nicely into your experience with the product beyond just initial setup. (via Mark Vitazko). 

I know a lot of people don’t really care what the unboxing experience is for their products, but I have become very fond of products like InCase Sonic headphones, Apple products like the iPhone or iPad, Nest and more. It builds affinity for the product and brand beyond the marketing, POS, and retail experiences.  If your product’s UI and/or hardware is design thoughtfully, why shouldn’t your product’s packaging be designed thoughtfully as well?  Shouldn’t the unboxing be just as easy as the normal day-to-day use?  The consideration for the cross-channel experience is what will uncover these kinds of insights.

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