Wallpaper TV: NDS Surfaces

Wallpaper TV: NDS Surfaces
Jun 11th, 2012

NDS Surfaces

Here is an interesting stab at using any wall as a touch screen device. The folks at NDS have created something called Surfaces which utilizes OLEDs which require no side lighting (read: no bezels). The TV is basically a series of flat-panel tiles that can be placed on any wall and rearranged as needed, they can also be any shape. There is potential to also tie it into Kinect-like systems for gestural interaction. What I would like to see is touch-based interactions with Surfaces. This would enable to the product to be quite extensible. Read more on SmartPlanet and Engadget.  Thanks to Rod Farmer, Matt Balara, and Glyn Thomas for the interesting conversation around these technologies.

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