What’s Next for Information Architecture?

What’s Next for Information Architecture?
May 10th, 2010

Here is an interesting film by Kate Ray called Web 3.0.  As much as I hate the notion of numbering things because it gives the impression that the prior versions are obsolete I think this film does a pretty good job at depicting the problem set behind the web and the notion of the semantic web.  (via Chris Messina)

What I find even more fascinating is the mention of ontologies, folksonomies, search, relational data, context, and more are all things that information architecture encapsulates, tho I feel the problem set transcends information architecture alone.  I gave a presentation called The Future of IA at ASIS&T 2009 that covered this to some degree.  I am both curious and excited to see the challenges that lay before us.

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Nick Finck is a user experience professional who has dabbled in the web for over a decade. He specializes in information architecture, interaction design, usability and user research. Read more

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